Flatpak vs homebrew on mac

Is there a version that will one day work for macOS users? I really like the idea of flatpak as a alternative to macports (which in my personal opinion should be discontinued because it seems to be lacking the functionality that homebrew does), but, I’d like to see a competitor to the Brew command just because that seems to be lacking the ability to explain major changes to users who aren’t necessarily terminal wizards very well. They could be a little more helpful, but they aren’t, and I’m not complaining here, but, I feel like if they had some solid competition, it might actually force them to explain things better to users who needed it.

I love macOS, don’t get me wrong, but after trying linux, chrome os, android, and red hat many times in the past, I just feel like they aren’t ever going to get me to switch unless someone as great as a “Steve Jobs” can revolutionize the Linux user experience to make it match the experience of a Windows PC, Xbox One X, or iOS device. Google failed, and that’s why I’ve always stuck on a Mac.

Flatpak requires OSTree (which MacOS does not support) and Bubblewrap (which MacOS does not support). So unless someone as great as “Linus Torvalds” can revolutionize the MacOS developer experience, it’s not going to happen.

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