Flatpaks of precompiled binaries allowed?


Should I expect my app manifest to be accepted at Flathub if I just copy some precompiled binaries in the Flatpak manifest? I could use *.deb, *.rpm, *.AppImage, repack it thus achieving additional security guarantees, software discovery and automated updates.

It’s easier for me to compile the app on my own machine instead of compiling it in a Flatpak environment along with its dependencies.

Using precompiled binaries is usually only allowed for proprietary Apps that don’t provide source and for Apps which are to complex to build inside a Sandbox.

In practice this statement is false.

While we prefer building from source, it is not a blocker.

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The thing is, typically people shipping their software like this only build for x86 and forget about other arches.

I don’t own aarch64 Linux device and won’t be comfortable pushing untested software anyway

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the thing is that no doing it either mean nobody will test it.

if you are uncomfortable pushing untested software then don’t push software.