FreeCol - (open source Colonization game) UPDATE REQUEST! The latest build from 2015!

Project information:

Name: FreeCol
Homepage: / Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux
License: GPL
Upstream has been contacted: no

The app is already on flathub.

This kind of request has to be done directly in the package repository: Issues · flathub/org.freecol.FreeCol · GitHub

How can this be marked as “solved” though as the package on flathub is STILL from year 2015?

as I wrote this is not the right place for these request.

it is for suggesting new apps. A also provided a link as to were you can get in touch with the community member that do maintain the flatpak. They are much more likely to see your request there than here.

Issue created to let the maintainer know it needs updating:

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