Freedesktop SDK 21.08.0 released!

Hi everyone,

We have now released Freedesktop SDK 21.08.0. It is already available on Flathub!

Check the NEWS file for all the updates:

If you maintain an application using the Freedesktop SDK runtime, please
consider upgrading the version, especially if you are still using
19.08 or earlier as It’s going to be EOL soon.
In most cases, this mostly requires changing “runtime-version”
in the Flatpak builder manifest of the application.

This is the result of a year of work from all our contributors, thanks a lot to all of them! (including our beloved freedesktop-sdk bot :)):
563 freedesktop_sdk_updater
240 Seppo Yli-Olli
210 Valentin David
136 Javier Jardón
71 Abderrahim Kitouni
26 James Thomas
12 Lctrs
9 Kevin Degeling
6 Sam Thursfield
6 gasinvein
5 Dor Askayo
5 Jordan Petridis
5 Tomaz Canabrava
3 AsciiWolf
3 Douglas Winship
3 Tristan van Berkom
2 Bartłomiej Piotrowski
2 Ludovico de Nittis
2 Michael Catanzaro
2 Philippe Normand
2 Robin Lee
2 Thomas Coldrick
1 Bastien Nocera
1 Christopher Davis
1 Dimitrije Dinic
1 Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
1 Pedro Alvarez
1 Rob Kendrick
1 Robin Jacqueline Heywood
1 Tristan Maat
1 Wyatt Childers
1 Zachary Mazza
1 skierpage
1 vanadiae

And thanks to our infrastructure sponsors; without their help this project will not be possible:

Also, special thanks to Codethink for sponsoring the time to add RISC-V support!
You can see the talk Valentin did about this in LAS here

If you need assistance or have any issues, please get in touch!

freedesktop-sdk team

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Finally, the new numpy version will now build successfully with new cython version.

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Looking through the changelog, is there still no gtk4 included?

Yeah, and it will likely not going to be included as gtk4 is still changing too much. If you are targeting GTK4 you probably want to use the GNOME runtime

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