Freedesktop SDK 22.08.0 released!

Hi everyone,

We have now released Freedesktop SDK 22.08.0. It is already available
on Flathub!

Check the NEWS file for all the updates:

If you maintain an application using the Freedesktop SDK runtime, please
consider upgrading the version, especially if you are still using
20.08 or earlier as It’s going to be EOL soon.
In most cases, this mostly requires changing “runtime-version”
in the Flatpak builder manifest of the application.
Note this cycle mesa has deleted the classic (DRI) drivers though,
so GL support can be missing for some old hardware, see more details here.

This is the result of a year of work from all our contributors, thanks
a lot to all of them! (including our beloved freedesktop_sdk_updater bot and
the person that put it in place, Christpher Phang :)):

1086 freedesktop_sdk_updater
333 Seppo Yli-Olli
135 Javier Jardón
126 Ben Brown
87 Abderrahim Kitouni
68 Valentin David
32 Joel Williams
13 Dor Askayo
9 Kevin Degeling
6 AsciiWolf
4 Jordan Petridis
4 Michael Catanzaro
4 Sam Thursfield
3 Hubert Figuière
3 James Thomas
3 Robin Lee
3 gasinvein
2 Alessandro Bono
2 Charles E. Lehner
2 Nazar Kazakov
1 Adrian Perez de Castro
1 Fries
1 Gleb Smirnov
1 Joseph Griego
1 Manuel Virgilio
1 Raoul Hidalgo Charman
1 Sébastien Wilmet
1 TingPing
1 Weng Xuetian
1 catsout
1 scribam
1 vanadiae

Thanks as well to our infrastructure sponsors; without their help this
project will not be possible:

Also special thanks to Codethink for some engineering support during the cycle

If you need assistance or have any issues, please get in touch!

freedesktop-sdk team


RetroArch is already updated to the KDE 5.15-22.08 runtime.

Please note that this is an announcement for the Freedesktop 22.08 SDK & Runtime, not for the KDE 5.15-22.08 SDK & Runtime. We’re still testing the new KDE Runtime and it may not be ready yet (notably missing a qtwebengine.BaseApp branch and likely some themes).

Please wait for the official announcement like we did in KDE runtimes 5.15-21.08 and 6.2 released.

I thought it would be 6.4 for the Qt6 runtime.

Also for the WebEngine, it is currently blocked because Google is the goodness of their heart need a patch ffmpeg to compile, instead of the using the ffmpeg API.

I have this PR blocked by it.

If anyone want to contribute…

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Yes, we’ll not move 6.2 & 6.3 to 22.08 (they will stay on 21.08) and will only move 6.4 to 22.08. We’ve created 5.15-22.08 as we can not move 5.15-21.08 to 22.08.

will there be a matching org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.openjdk11?

one apparently got provided in the meantime; thanks!