Freedesktop SDK 23.08.0 released!

Hi everyone,

We have now released Freedesktop SDK 23.08.0. It is already available
on Flathub!

Check the NEWS file for all the updates:

Main changes are:

  • freedesktop-sdk is now “bootstrappable”; This means freedesktop-sdk doesnt depend on previous freedesktop-sdk versions to build, but it uses instead freedesktop-sdk-binary-seed for its bootstrap to depend on the minimal binary seed possible. See for more info
  • ppc64le is again a supported architecture
  • Update all the components to the latest version available, check specific versions at Release Contents · Wiki · freedesktop-sdk / freedesktop-sdk · GitLab
  • freedesktop-sdk project has been ported to buildstream 2
  • A lot of other small fixes and improvements

If you maintain an application using the Freedesktop SDK runtime, please
consider upgrading the version, especially if you are still using
21.08 or earlier as It’s going to be EOL soon .
In most cases, this mostly requires changing “runtime-version”
in the Flatpak builder manifest of the application.

This is the result of a year of work from all our contributors, thanks
a lot to all of them! (including our beloved freedesktop_sdk_updater bot and
the person that put it in place, Christpher Phang :)):

1124 freedesktop_sdk_updater
363 Freedesktop SDK Merge Bot
364 Seppo Yli-Olli
136 Dor Askayo
122 Ben Brown
114 Robin Lee
108 Valentin David
37 Javier Jardón
29 Jordan Petridis
23 Abderrahim Kitouni
7 Tristan van Berkom
4 Robert Mader
3 Erick555
2 Akira TAGOH
2 Michael Catanzaro
2 Nicolas Guichard
1 Ao Zhong
1 Basti
1 Benjamin Schubert
1 Cassidy James Blaede
1 Hubert Figuière
1 Martin Blanchard
1 Matthias Clasen
1 Nazar Kazakov
1 Tom Coldrick
1 catsout
1 proletarius101

Thanks as well to our infrastructure sponsors; without their help this
project will not be possible:

Also special thanks to Codethink for some engineering support during the cycle

If you need assistance or have any issues, please get in touch!

freedesktop-sdk team


Also available, the SDK extensions for the following:

  • llvm16
  • rust-stable
  • golang
  • openjdk (20)
  • openjdk 17
  • openjdk 11
  • ldc
  • freepascal

SDK extension missing need to be handled.

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If you want to know more about “bootstrappable”, I can recommend this fascinating talk by Dor Askayo at Linux App Summit (starts at 10:20)

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Great to see libdecor being added for SDL2! Now we don’t need to maintain it in shared-modules :slight_smile:

Ah, I was wondering why my builds were failing. turns out org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.node18//23.08 is not yet released