Generate directory without launching freshly installed flatpak?

I’m currently building a personal post-install bash script for my Fedora workstation and I have a text file worth of flatpak IDs for auto-installing, but right after installing, I would like to to move some additional files to some of the flatpaks’ data folders, like config files, fonts, themes etc, without launching every single app. I am trying to optimize this bash script as much as possible so by the time I reboot, I’d like to be done for the most part.

Is there a command I could use on my bash script for generating directories in .var without launching the app? Thank you.

You can use the normal mkdir -p ~/.var/app/{id}/subfolder if I understand you right

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I see, and if I do so, won’t the initial flatpak launch override my existing contents with its own data?

If we take GIMP and PhotoGIMP as an example, the latter requires to replace some core config files in order to work, but as soon as I launch the GIMP flatpak for the first time, won’t it generate its own data and override the stuff I already copied in there? (sorry for my poor explanation)

You can make a new user account on your computer, test it out and report back! For science :slight_smile:

I tried it and it works! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

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Yes, it’s supposed to work like that.

I’ve been copying my /home folder from distro to distro and you just keep your flatpak data - so installing the flatpak once more on a new distro, will just let you return to it.