GIMP plugins listed twice

For some reason, if I use the gnome-software GUI or the command line, I get GIMP plugins listed twice. GIMP itself is listed only once. Even worse, I can only see certain information if I use the terminal. If I use the gnome-software GUI, It just lets me install the plugin twice. I’m on debian 11 stable. What’s going on?

I use Fedora Silverblue and am sorry to say that the gnome software application performs horribly and I stopped using it a while back. Here’s a few things that I think might be happening in your case:

  1. You have multiple flatpak repositories enabled and 2 of them provide the plugins, for some reason applications are grouped, but the app extensions are not.
  2. For some reason it is detecting and listing multiple versions or branches of the same plugins from only 1 repository.

In either cases I suspect that the problem lies within the gnome-software GUI application, but I must admit I am somewhat biased by my own bad experiences. Perhaps you could somehow enable debug logging and find something that makes sense in the output or take it up with the developers of the gnome-software application, I’m sure they’ll be glad that you’re reporting the issue so that they can improve the software if it turns out to be a bug.

See All gimp plugins are listed twice. · Issue #3075 · flathub/flathub · GitHub where someone has already file an issue and where I replied.