GimpPainter Flatpak request

Project information:A fork of Gimp 2.8 that has many unique useful features added for artist. No builds of this software available without compiling building yourself. Demonstrations of some features can be found on developers youtube channel. [
Name: Gimp Painter
Upstream has been contacted:

I am interested in testing this. But I heard it was Windows only.

It’s not windows only, the author himself says he builds it in ubuntu 20.08

There’s a problem the author has not released nor tagged any version in github, and Flathub has a policy to build from tagged or released versions.

There are tagged versions even though they don’t include all the latest changes. there are no releases unfortunately though. Tags · seagetch/gimp-painter · GitHub

Those tags are from GIMP itself, not from gimp-painter, if we build those tags there’ll be no gimp-painter code in them. The author needs to release or tag some version of gimp-painter.