'Glu.h' is missing when creating a Flatpak

Dear All,
first of all I am sorry if this is not the place for such question,
then I would really appreciate if you could direct me to the proper place to ask for help.

I am trying to build a Flatpak for my program Atomes: https://atomes.ipcms.fr/

I work of Fedora 36, I was able to install everything I though was necessary after reading the different tutorials I could find, (flathub, freedesktop.sdk …) then I prepared a first version of the YAML file to build the package, and try to build it, you can try it out here:

The build fails because the compilers cannot find ‘GL/glu.h’, I modified the ‘configure.ac’ to check for ‘glu’, and now the build obviously fails because as expected the configure script cannot find glu.
I searched the web for a long time today trying to find some help, but so fare nothing,
and I would really appreciate any help that you can provide.

Maybe my YAML file is not good, or else, but with my poor knowledge of the subject I am lost.

Thanks in advance.

Sébastien Le Roux

you need to build glu. It’s not part of GL. It’s in the shared-modules.

Thank you so much, works perfectly :wink:

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