Graph / How x11 and wayland are doing across all apps on Flathub

I haven’t seen too many graphs around, so I would like to contribute two simple graphs.

One graph about the x11 and wayland status across all apps on Flathub.
One graph about the --filesystem permissions across all apps on Flathub.

The graphs can be found here ->



I forgot to account for fallback-x11. Updating the graph… Stay tuned!


Have you considered adding a graph showing how many apps use require-version, and which versions of flatpak they require?

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I have not, but that was a good idea @183231bcb. The graph would be a bit misrepresenting though, because very few apps actually use --require-version:


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For some reason it appears that FlatStat is not detecting KAtomic. Searching for KAtomic in the “by stars” tab shows no results.

It is there, but not on all lists, because I only show the top 300 apps for any given list. I realize it is a bug that Katomic does not show up, and I am filtering the list in the wrong order or something. Please make an issue over at, and will prioritize it :pray:


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