Handbrake & Gnome 3.36 EOL

Handbrake flatpak build would apparently need some refreshing…

Info: org.gnome.Platform is end-of-life, with reason: The GNOME 3.36 runtime is no longer supported as of February 13, 2021. Please ask your application developer to migrate to a supported platform.

Error: Can’t remove org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/3.36, it is needed for: fr.handbrake.ghb/x86_64/stable

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Thank you for the report. I’ve submitted two merge requests:

Now we just have to wait for a maintainer to merge.


Came looking here if someone took action before complaining in the handbrake forums. But I guess they will fix it soon.

Thank you.

@blaine it should be working now.

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