Help: ip rule add fwmark 0x40/0xc0 table 100 (RTNETLINK answers: Operation not permitted)

Last year, I created a project v2raya-flatpak to package v2raya as a flatpak, and it ran well on the steam deck until a few months ago.

Recently, I updated the system on my steam deck, and when I ran v2raya-flatpak again, I got a permission denied prompt (as shown in the title, v2raya-flatpak is run as root, and v2raya executes the ip rule command but lacks sufficient permissions). I got the same result when testing on the latest ArchLinux.

I want to know how to solve this problem. I checked the release log of flatpak but didn’t find any relevant updates.

Flatpaks never worked as root.

In general, you’re in the Flathub forum, we can’t help you much with Flatpak changes.

If my question was inappropriate, I apologize. Now I understand "flatpak become unprivileged". Anyway, thank you for your answers.