Help, stuck on an outdated version of runtime

Hi! There is a specific flatpak runtime that I am using: GitHub - flathub/com.obsproject.Studio.Plugin.BackgroundRemoval (it is an OBS plugin).

My problem is, somewhere along the way the package maintainers changed the pattern for versioning and now I am stuck on an old, 1.0.1 version (latest version on Flathub is 1.1.6).

This is the issue right here: The 'x-checker-data' field of the 'obs-backgroundremoval' module doesn't catch new releases · Issue #5 · flathub/com.obsproject.Studio.Plugin.BackgroundRemoval · GitHub

While I understand the issue was fixed upstream, I am still unable to update. I tried removing currently installed version 1.0.1 and installing said runtime again but it installs yet again in the outdated version 1.0.1. And flatpak remote-info --log also shows that 1.0.1 is the latest one available for installation.

I want to get the most recent version which is 1.1.6. And as I understand, it should be available for installation already:

Are there any steps I can take to force flatpak to install the latest version of the runtime? Thanks!

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I think the new version was simply not released, yet. I assume this is not intentional & if you create an issue in the GitHub project then a maintainer will fix this issue.

Can you confirm by installing it yourself and checking the version number through flatpak info ?

Also, why would the Flathub repo said 1.1.6 version then?

That’s what I did with flatpak remote-info:

        ID: com.obsproject.Studio.Plugin.BackgroundRemoval
       Ref: runtime/com.obsproject.Studio.Plugin.BackgroundRemoval/x86_64/stable
      Arch: x86_64
    Branch: stable
   License: GPL-2.0
Collection: org.flathub.Stable
  Download: 203.1?MB
 Installed: 570.1?MB

    Commit: c8a808c942f834189bec4c7dbce7d7113eed940429e30efcb4cc9baf6e5ec42d
    Parent: ae08c1aeede75ee845ef954fc6672b1680fdd5a0a366009ad3f9e2f278ce5de1
   Subject: v1.0.1 (78e6f48f)
      Date: 2023-06-08 14:50:34 +0000

The GitHub repo contains the current state of the manifest. But this has to be build & then uploaded to the actual Flathub repo (see Flatpak Repositories). If this fails for any reason, then an application won’t be published until the issue is fixed by a maintainer.

If you take a look at the history then you’ll see the status of the automatic builds (check marks & crosses). It’s missing for the latest commit, so it most likely never happened. The previous commit does have a check mark but this was a just test build which is not published to the stable Flathub repo (see flathub_default_branch in Build properties on a build details page, e.g. the last stable build).

Where did it say that? Your inital post even said, that flatpak remote-info showed the old version?

Oh cheers this makes all the sense. Thanks for taking the time to reply and check! I commented in the existing Github issue already :+1:

In the GitHub repo - I thought that meant the build was already published. Now I know everything, thanks for clarifying!

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