Help with lyx flatpak manifesat

Dear all,

I tried to get lyx (a latex WYSIWYM editor) working with flatpak when I ran into this issue (see also #11143 (Flatpak support) – The LyX Project and Setting "\tempdir_path" before first start ):

Lyx has the neat feature that you don´t have to save a file manually to see its preview as the file gets temporarily saved in a temporary folder. This folder (for example /tmp/lyx_tmpdir63043uH0e4) gets created in in /tmp but the subfolder is created dynamically and it´s name can not be determined beforehand.
So, the first question is: Can I allow write acess to /tmp and (some) of its subfolders? I also tried setting $TMPDIR in the manifest but I could not get it working.

The temporary folder path can however also be changed to any arbitrary location. But this has to be done after the installation which is not practically.

I’d be glad about any tips and thanks in advance. Regards

Second try: Can I give a flatpak package write access to a particular folder and all of its subfolders in the flatpak manifest? (Something like the recursive option of most programs?)

If lyx honors the $TMPDIR environment variable you could add a wrapper that sets $TMPDIR to $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/app/$FLATPAK_ID.

If this does not work you could set \tempdir_path in the default system wide lyxrc that you ship in the flatpak maybe.

Does this make any sense? I am not a lyx expert, this idea is just from quickly googling the man pages :slight_smile:

Seems like a good approach.
Let´s see however how this pull request goes on: Add org.lyx.LyX by bztd · Pull Request #4730 · flathub/flathub · GitHub

The submission has been merged.

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