Heroic Games Launcher Flatpak request

Project information: This app is a GUI for the tool Legendary, a native alternative to the Epic Games Launcher for Linux.

Name: Heroic Games Launcher
Homepage: ttps://github.com/flavioislima/HeroicGamesLauncher
License: https://github.com/flavioislima/HeroicGamesLauncher/blob/main/COPYING
Upstream has been contacted: https://github.com/flavioislima/HeroicGamesLauncher/issues/6

I really hope it would be good if the upstream was contacted

I’m the developer of Heroic and I’m trying to create a fully functional Flatpak package for quite some time now but without success so far.
The thing is that Heroic has some particularities since it’s an Electron app (I know there are others like it) and also bundles a python binary with it (legendary), that is used to do the communication with the epic games for Login, Download games, etc.

So I appreciate any help regarding this.
Those are the current tests we did so far:
From another contributor: https://github.com/Lunarequest/hgl-flatpak
And this I did following the Flatpak Electron tutorial: https://github.com/Heroic-Games-Launcher/HeroicGamesLauncher/pull/515


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@LeandroStanger can you rename the thread since I guess it’s asking for two different packages :slight_smile:


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It was added recently to flathub

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