Hotshots, High quality QT5 screenshot annotator for Flathub

Project information: Hotshots screenshot annotator for Flathub

Name: Hotshots
License: GPL
Upstream has been contacted: I contacted the maintainer on Github.

Hotshots is a high quality QT5 screenshot caption application capable of making high quality text, arrows, circles, highlights, blurs, underlines, shapes, magnifications and more. This program was dropped by its original owner in 2014 but received a 2018 QT5 port by someone on Github and may still even be in MXLinux’s repo (as of 2020). Most distros do not have hotshots packaged and I want Flatpak to rescue Hotshots from deprecating.

I rebuilt this program on Ubuntu 18.04, 20:04, and 20:10 but I don’t know how long I can “work against the system” Flatpak will insure that this program keeps working forever. I don’t want this awesome valuable software to deprecate.

example of me using HotShots to highlight Linux issues

Once again, this software is VITAL for my workflow and if a official flatpak is refused I will learn to make one myself.

Thank you for anyone who considers.

I just want to add even when wayland breaks screenshot mode. This app will still be able to process images and caption them. It will just lose the ability to take direct screenshots.

I am on the Cinnamon Desktop so X isn’t going away anytime soon.

Someone is helping me build the flatpak. reddit flatpak request
and they need help.

They Wrote

I made a flatpak but I’m unable to set prefix=/app to make install. It is trying to install at /usr/local. The HotShots program compiles, but having prefix issue. If you could help me with this, I’ll help you with the flatpak.

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/usr/local’: Read-only file system

Here’s a unfinished HotShots flatpak manifest for you:


- yml file begins -

app-id: io.github.HotShots

runtime: org.kde.Platform

sdk: org.kde.Sdk

runtime-version: '5.15'

command: hotshots


- "--socket=x11"

- "--socket=wayland"

- "--filesystem=home"


- name: HotShots


- type: git


buildsystem: simple


Neither PREFIX=/app work

- qmake -recursive PREFIX=/app

Nor prefix=/app or DESTDIR=/app work

- make install prefix=/app



- "--share=network"

– end of file –

Build it with

flatpak install flathub org.kde.Sdk/x86_64/5.15 org.kde.Platform/x86_64/5.15

flatpak-builder --force-clean build-dir io.github.HotShots.yml

There you go!

Thank you, here is a config file that goes in /home/USERNAME/.var/app/io.github.HotShots/config/TheHive I use to make the program better. It has key bindings like 'A" for arrow, “T” for text. “R” for rectangle ect… " ` " to delete (odd choice but it works for me)

Also note the default program will display bugs if an image is not present. I prefer to just drag and drop an images into the application.

why hasn’t this been submitted?

It’s published: Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

Thanks fastrizwaan