Hotw to invoke cvlc in org.videolan.VLC

I have installed

xx:~ $ flatpak info org.videolan.VLC

VLC - VLC media player, the open-source multimedia player

     Kennung: org.videolan.VLC
         Ref: app/org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable
 Architektur: x86_64
       Zweig: stable
     License: GPL-2.0+
    Ursprung: flathub
  Collection: org.flathub.Stable
Installation: system
   Installed: 82.0 MB

Laufzeitumgebung: org.kde.Platform/x86_64/5.15
Sdk: org.kde.Sdk/x86_64/5.15

      Commit: d30fb10b28208e1120088870038ebf9bb0ece31b92117fdfe19781938dec8acd
      Parent: 00b2e3bfd6ef60e6f5cf36a4e50cbb14727c14b436f5eb8fe450071489fb2e96
     Subject: remove dconf access (99bee002)
        Date: 2020-11-30 22:59:54 +0000

Therein is a binary “cvlc”. The commandline version of VLC.


How to invoke this binary cvlc?
“flatpak run org.videolan.VLC” starts VLC with GUI.
“flatpak run org.videolan.cvlc” fails.
“flatpak run org.videolan.VLC --command=cvlc” results in

VLC media player Vetinari (revision
vlc: unknown option or missing mandatory argument `--command=cvlc'
Try `vlc --help' for more information.

“/var/lib/flatpak/app/org.videolan.VLC/x86_64/stable/d30fb10b28208e1120088870038ebf9bb0ece31b92117fdfe19781938dec8acd/files/bin/cvlc” not accessible.


The order of the options is important, all options after the app-id go to the application (you called vlc --command=cvlc, that’s why you get the unknown option error).

Put the flatpak options between run & the app-id:
flatpak run --command=cvlc org.videolan.VLC

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Big Thank you.

Completion: My webcam runs this way
“flatpak run --command=cvlc org.videolan.VLC v4l2:// :input-slave=alsa:// :v4l-vdev=”/dev/video0"