How come we don't see more verified apps?

When I first started to use flatpaks, I raised my hand and vowed to only use verified flatpaks and practice good security, but I quickly found that was not workable.

I can understand why the flatpaks made by community volunteers aren’t verified, but it’s amazing how many flatpaks there are that are made and maintained by the upstream authors are not verified? Why is that? Is it really that much of a lift?

Just wondering why we don’t see more verified flatpaks in flathub by the upstream authors who made them.

Can you name some examples?

Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Visual Studio Code, Spotify, Slack, etc.

These are very popular applications from big players that do not have official Flathub backings.

maybe you should ask these vendors to officially support flatpak. They already get free work out of the flathub maintainers.

At least for Slack, I did.

“Support for the Flatpak version of Slack isn’t something that’s currently on our roadmap”

Product managers at companies are not going to just support yet another distribution method out of the kindness of their hearts, it needs resources allocated to it, and for resources to be allocated it needs a justifiable business reason.

but you seem to ask more from volunteers… including to “verify” things the can’t.

That’s not what I was saying, I was explaining why we don’t see more verified (popular, proprietary) apps on Flathub.

I don’t think we understood the initial posting the same way. I thought OP was saying, that there are packages from authors, that don’t get verified for whatever reason.

Oops yeah I completely misread the post. Reading hard.

I’m not talking about packages that are made by volunteers, I mean packages that are made into flatpaks by the upstream authors and uploaded to flathub by the authors, but then never get a verified badge? I’m just wondering why they don’t.

Still, can you say which packages you actually mean?

Two very popular apps, not yet verified are:

  • SMPlayer, by @smplayer-dev
  • FreeTube, by @PrestonN

Maybe they don’t need/care about verification?

The main developer of Freetube, PrestonN isn’t very active. They only do releases on Flathub and not much issue triaging. I did some maintenance of the package last year.

You can ask them to verify the app, they have a matrix room.