How do i do "flatpak update --simulate" like with apt?

dear flatpakkers,

how do i find out what packages “flatpak update” would change without the risk of any changes being made?

the --no-deploy option still allows things to be downloaded. i want to avoid that. also, it doesn’t clearly state that all changes to the system are considered “deployment”.

the --no-pull option still allows the possibility that something that is already downloaded will be deployed.

is the combination of these two options guaranteed to prevent any changes?

basically what i want is something like the “–simulate” option that many other programs have which say what they would do without actually doing it.

is there anything like this? i can’t find anything like this in the man pages that are installed on my debian 11 (bullseye) system.

thanks for any advice!

is there a better place than this forum to post questions about how to use the flatpak software?

You’re in the right place it’s just people are busy and sometimes it takes us a while to respond!