How do I downgrade to Gimp 2.10.32

This command

flatpak update --commit=7fad12864e7741e49d104e6e35ac36e63f0d08f165ac94d22f773624499ff3ed org.gimp.GIMP

is not working for me. It should be a downgrade to Gimp 2.10.32 but for some reason I got a 404 not found error. I really need to downgrade as 2.10.34 has a massive inconvince bug.

sudo flatpak update --commit=7fad12864e7741e49d104e6e35ac36e63f0d08f165ac94d22f773624499ff3ed org.gimp.GIMP works for me. Can you paste the exact output you’re getting?

Also protip for the future, you can stop Gimp from being updated when you run flatpak update by running flatpak mask org.gimp.GIMP

Server returned status 404: Not Found