How do i show older commits?

Trying to downgrade spotify but it only shows 3 entrys in its commit history?

how to downgrade to an even earlier commit?

❯ flatpak remote-info --log flathub com.spotify.Client

Spotify - Online music streaming service

        ID: com.spotify.Client
       Ref: app/com.spotify.Client/x86_64/stable
      Arch: x86_64
    Branch: stable
   License: LicenseRef-proprietary=
Collection: org.flathub.Stable
  Download: 11.5 MB
 Installed: 17.3 MB
   Runtime: org.freedesktop.Platform/x86_64/23.08
       Sdk: org.freedesktop.Sdk/x86_64/23.08

    Commit: 9eb82ec8c70583f08d33590430ec1f5261c4f1105522e2b00bb209e9bc7b7fc1
    Parent: d2954f8a2628b86d676a6b8c43b385265ea9d978cf86974a52e6bc1d6be8669f
   Subject: Workaround: Create "spotify" directory in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME (6d81e535)
      Date: 2024-04-15 21:43:18 +0000

    Commit: d2954f8a2628b86d676a6b8c43b385265ea9d978cf86974a52e6bc1d6be8669f
   Subject: Pick up LD_PRELOAD when set by the user (6767a631)
      Date: 2024-04-04 21:32:54 +0000

    Commit: b23c35bae652b4975189aa2f80fde9b52fa6356959f6562bebf0692eb1892bf1
   Subject: Update 2 modules (5d5dbc40)
      Date: 2024-02-26 17:09:29 +0000

    Commit: d22ab2f6059cca52bc56754ca1860fb41b0d9c6333975bd8f2eb375fde5a4d84
   Subject: Update spotify.snap to (b0d5128e)
      Date: 2023-12-15 17:53:17 +0000

Not possible, Flathub ran out of space on the server and the repo was pruned.

You can clone the git repo and build from whatever commit you want though.

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