How should the main module in my flatpak invoke the other modules?

the manifest will tell flatpak-builder to compile several modules.

In a regular executable, I’d just install several executables to, say, /opt/app/installdir and then from my main app I’d just

How is that supposed to go in the flatpak world?
Do i just
system (“flatpak run tripletprefix.another_exe”);

Not sure what are all the changes necessary to properly (or even improperly) live within the sandbox.

I really am not interested in being sandboxed at all, just the common shared libs is what I really care about.

thanks for any pointers :slight_smile:

It works the same as outside the sandbox. All of your modules will install into the /app prefix. If they install their executables into /app/bin, you can execute them by name via PATH lookup, or you can hardcode the full path: /app/bin/another_exe or /app/lib/foo/another_exe, or whatever the actual location is.

It might be helpful to use flatpak run --command=sh <app id> to look around inside the sandbox.

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really :open_mouth: well gol dang that sounds kinda nice!
maybe i’ll be a fan of this sandbox biz after all.

am i not readin some docs i should read about this?
i do still need to read the debuggin’ docs.

well, in any case, thanks - much appreciated!