How to change an app ID

I’m happy my app is packaged on Flathub. I have moved recently its homepage and I’d like to change the app ID according to the new URI (globally, not for Flathub only). Are the following assumptions true?

  1. I have to make a pull request for the new ID.
  2. There is no automatic migration for users or even a notification.
  3. It would be a good idea to patch the old version on Flathub, adding a popup dialog informing users about the change, ideally with a checkbox that they don’t want to see that hint anymore.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Correct, you have to make a pull request for the new ID, do mention why you’re asking for it and point to the old app.
  2. Incorrect. You should add a flathub.json file to the old repo and trigger a build there like so: this will message users and suggest the new app-id. How different app centers treat these messages and suggestions is currently inconsistent and I think the best experience is on the CLI currently.
    There isn’t a great migration for the website though, which is totally fair.

You should also get the old repo archived once the EOL rebase has occurred.

Thank you! That’s easier than I thought :smiley: