How to completely uninstall any Flatpak App on Ubuntu

Hi there!

I wonder if there is any way to completely uninstall a Flatpak application on Ubuntu.

The reason for this doubt is that I started using more Flatpak apps instead of Snaps and I loved that choice. However, like the Snap packages, I noticed that Flatpak also leaves some waste when you uninstall a program.

I can verify that an uninstalled app left residues on my disk because I access Nautilus as root user, search for the name of the App, view and analyze everything that is linked to its name. But not everything is “excludable” or “part of” the waste that the program left on my machine.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance!

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So there are two things that might still eat disk space, application data and runtimes. The first is stored at ~/.var/app and can be deleted manually or at uninstall by using flatpak uninstall --delete-data (this deletes application settings and cache!). Unused runtimes can be removed by running flatpak uninstall --unused or if you want to delete completely everything, flatpak uninstall --all.