How to launch an application without a menu

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I installed Duckstation on my RPi4 from here: Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

I have a shortcut on my desktop: org.duckstation.DuckStation.desktop -
Every time I click on it I have to select an action. Is there an option to set it to immediately started the given application?

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What you mean by “you have to select an action”?

If you mean change the behavior of Duckstation, you’d do that the same way as you would for any other program (Flatpak or not) and pass in arguments

I.e. Change your .desktop file to be

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=flatpak run org.duckstation.Duckstation --hello --world

You can view the available arguments by running flatpak run org.duckstation.DuckStation -help in a terminal, or checking Duckstation’s documentation: Command Line Arguments · stenzek/duckstation Wiki · GitHub

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately even this method still creates a context menu and I have to manually select run the application.

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This popup looks like it’s coming from your Desktop Environment rather than Flatpak itself.

Haven’t tested it, but you can try this to get rid of the popup (copied from symbolic link - .desktop files - Allow launching - set this via CLI - Ask Ubuntu)

cd Desktop
gio set org.duckstation.DuckStation.desktop metadata::trusted true