How to make my app show up in the web interface?

I got my app (called ink.scribl.Scribl) submitted and building (thanks to @bilelmoussaoui for the help!). After hitting the “publish” button on the build bot page, I am now able to access the flatpackref at, and typing flatpak install ink.scribl.Scribl correctly downloads and installs it from flathub.

My question is how to get the app to show up on the flathub website? I can’t see it on the “New and updated apps” page, and searching for “scribl” turns up nothing. I’ve looked through the build logs to see if there are any warnings about missing metadata, but nothing turned up.

seems to be fixed now

Indeed it has, thanks for your help with the PR. In case it helps anyone in the future, it seems that there were two things I was doing wrong:

  • I was installing the appstream metadata to /app/share/metainfo/ink.scribl.Scribl.appdata.xml instead of /app/share/metainfo/ink.scribl.Scribl.metainfo.xml
  • I was installing the desktop file to /app/share/applicatons/ink.scribl.Scribl.desktop

Edit: I don’t seem to have permission to add “[SOLVED]” to the title, but anyone who does have permission should feel free to do so.