How to publish multiple major version


I would like to publish flatpak for the Tryton desktop client.
Tryton has multiple series supported (some LTS for 5 years and regular for 1 year). User must use the client from the same series as the server to which it connects.
So I would like to know what is the best strategy to build and publish for each series? Should I create an application for each series? Or could we use a branch for each series?

From what I know, Flathub only allow 1 branch. So it would seems like you will need to publish multiple Tryton version.

This would be quite annoying as it will mean register one repository every 6 months.
By the way I see that runtime have branches, would it be possible to have the same workflow?

basically if the two versions are meant to be parallel installed they are different applications.

Normally user needs to have only one version/series installed (the same one as the server they connect to).

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