How to release a new version of an app?

Hi, this is a dumb question, but how do I release a new app version on flathub?

I’ve updated the app version and a new git tag in the manifest: release 0.54.3 · flathub/com.github.zadam.trilium@fe5bd7f · GitHub

There was a triggered successful build here: Flathub builds

But flathub still lists the old version (0.54.2), instead of the new version (0.54.3): Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux

Initially I thought it just has some delay, but it’s been 14 hours already.

Do I need to do something extra to publish the new version?


Same for me.
I have already updated the app so many times. But changes haven’t taken place in flathub. Maybe there are some problems with Flathub’s API -

I did a search with flatpak command -

flatpak search com.github.zadam.trilium                                                                              ✔ 
Name                  Description                               Application ID                  Version        Branch        Remotes
Trilium Notes         Build your personal knowledge base        com.github.zadam.trilium        0.54.3         stable        flathub

You can see the version there is correct, so it’s been published properly. However the version in api is older.

Looking forward to some kind person helping with it :grinning:

Yes, it seems a general bug that is not listing last releases, it’s affecting DIYLayoutCreator app too.

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There’s an ongoing incident related to connectivity since Friday 26th at the datacenter hosting our website. There will be some wonkiness until it gets resolved on their end.

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I am still having this problem. I pushed an update and both the flathub website and the flatpak cli are reporting the old version number. But when you install and run it, it is the new one. I also tried to force the version number by using the version: setting in the manifest, but it made no difference.

the version displayed is from the appstream file. Anywhere is just not gonna work.