How to ship the Linux dependencies in the yml file?

I would like to ship some Linux dependencies in my *.yml file , how to achieve this goal ?

Thanks .

You would build the dependencies as modules in your manifest: Manifests - Flatpak documentation

There are common shared-modules you can use in case you require one of those dependencies: Shared Modules | Flathub Documentation

Or you can just check how similar applications are build, almost all manifests are public: Flathub · GitHub

Hi @cxrvh .

I tested your suggestions but I could not achieve the goal . I would like to ship these dependencies :

      - bash
      - coreutils
      - systemd
      - software-properties-common
      - bc
      - gzip
      - awk
      - gawk
      - zsh
      - util-linux

You’ll have to provide more information on what you’ve been trying, preferable with the whole manifest you’re using.

Most dependencies should already be part of the runtime. But I don’t know what’s the best way to check this besides trial & error. You can take a look via the terminal if you run the runtime:

flatpak run org.freedesktop.Platform//23.08

Or the equivalent runtime from GNOME or KDE.

Maybe someone else has a better way to list all that’s provided.

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I use the org.freedesktop.Platform//23.08 runtime (zsh and pdftk do not exist in it) .

Can I install something in this runtime or how to ship for exemple the Linux pdftk command in my flatpak ?

Check files in this link:

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Hi @faveoled.

We must always do this, we cannot install the dependencies via a package manager like apt?

Probably not. Ubuntu’s snap does allow that though