How to use a specific Mesa version in a Flatpak manifest?

One of the apps I’ve packaged has artifact issues on Mesa versions 23.x and up (see versions), so I would like to package the app to use the latest 22.x version (22.3.7). Is there a way I can specify this?

I currently have this at the top of my manifest:

    "id": "",
    "runtime": "org.freedesktop.Platform",
    "runtime-version": "22.08",
    "sdk": "org.freedesktop.Sdk",
    "command": "myruncommand",
    "separate-locales": false,
    "sdk-extensions": [

Changing the runtime-version to 21.08 did the trick for us: Rollback freedesktop to 21.08 since newer Mesa has issues by dginovker · Pull Request #28 · flathub/org._2009scape.Launcher · GitHub

(This didn’t give us the 22.3.7 exactly, but it gave 21.3.9 which has no issues)