I package COLMAP, need feedback and review

I just package COLMAP flatpak.
COLMAP take photos as input and convert it to 3D mesh.


I contact COLMAP dev here, but no reply so far.

Quick tutorial how to use COLMAP.

I’m uncertain about how I use shell wrapper. Not sure if it a good way to do it.
I manually copy libceres.so.2 to /lib because COLMAP does not look it in lib64.
I could not test CUDA feature, I do not have any GPU, when I select GPU when I don’t have CUDA, COLMAP would just crash, not sure if this is COLMAP bug or packaging bug.
File selector (KDE) behave weird, I cannot use mouse click to select folder, have to type the folder name instead.
I gave it a home access at the moment, because when I try to import some image I got this error.

SQLite error [/run/build/COLMAP/src/base/database.cc, line 261]: unable to open database file

If you want review, here is the submission process:

Do you know how to submit another request if 1 is already pending? Would it over write my pending if I submit another?

No it won’t, you just have to use a different branch when creating your PR