I want the "browse" button back on the website

I dont use gnome software or kde discover and since the last big website update the browse button and interface on flathub.org was removed.

This makes finding applications much more inconvenient as in order to say list all the available games then switch back to listing all the multimedia applications I no longer have a handy link in the left side of the screen, instead I have to hit back and scroll then click a “More” button.

You could also search for nothing?

I get that this works, but it’s weirdly unintuitive, at least to me. If I search for nothing most places I get nothing, not a list of everything. For instance, here are the search for nothing results for Duck Duck Go: DuckDuckGo — Privacy, simplified.

I’m kind of with OP. I like the new site design overall, but the lack of a direct “browse” option is something I miss.