Improve Flathub: Clearly visible link to the

IMO a clear-as-day UX improvement to the flathub website is:

From flathub webpages such as

place a visible link (behind a logo, maybe) to

Correct me if I’m wrong but this is how flathub is organized, yes?

I can see only good reasons FOR linking from a flathub package’s webpage to the place where is written/located what that thing actually is.
I can see no reason against this, except for that some people will not know what this actually is.
But my counterargument here: Place the link behind the logo of github/gitlab/whatever and people who don’t know wont really notice anyway.

See this from an outsiders perspective for a minute:
I was was not sure - and I still have some 3% uncertainty - that the above two links really are about the same package.

I think linking (in both directions) would help with confidence in the system and with general UX for technically minded people.

What do you think?

The link already exists, it’s called Manifest on the page:

The GitHub project links back to the Flathub page, too (see About).

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good thing.

Is “Manifest” a good name though?

On Manifests — Flatpak documentation it is written that “[…] this file is called the manifest.”, i.e. the Manifest is a file.

The link does not go to a file but to a repository - that I guess contains the mainfest file.

At least I am confused by this naming and - obviously - was not able to get it at first glance.
Maybe a rename could help (or using a symbol instead)
“Manifest Repository” maybe? The “repository” would have caught my eye, I guess.

Anyway. Thanks for considering.

Good that the link itself is already present :slight_smile: