Incorrect icon showing for chrome pwa application

chrome is installed from flatpak, and then install 3 pwa applications from chrome, none of them showing correct application icon
.desktop file in .local/share/application looks as

1 X
1 [Desktop Entry]
2 Comment=
3 Exec=flatpak run --command=/app/bin/chrome --profile-directory=Default --app-id=cifhbcnohmdccbgoicgdjpfamggdegmo
4 Icon=chrome-cifhbcnohmdccbgoicgdjpfamggdegmo-Default
5 Name=Microsoft Teams
6 NoDisplay=false
7 Path=
8 StartupNotify=true
9 StartupWMClass=crx_cifhbcnohmdccbgoicgdjpfamggdegmo
10 Terminal=false
11 TerminalOptions=
12 TryExec=/var/lib/flatpak/exports/bin/
13 Type=Application
14 Version=1.0
16 X-KDE-SubstituteUID=false
17 X-KDE-Username=

icon file locates at:
~/.local/share $ find icons/ -iname “cifhbcnohmdccbgoicgdjpfamggdegmo

What distribution are you using & which desktop environment? Are the icons the correct ones or do they show the Chrome logo?

In general, It should work. I’ve been using the Teams & Outlook PWAs with Brave under Fedora & GNOME Shell, with the correct logos.

kubuntu 23.10, kde plasma x11
all of these PWA showing chrome icon

I meant whether the icons under .local/share/icons/… show the Chrome logo or the correct app icons.

they are showing correct icons, I found that if I set system icon theme to Breeze, which shipped with kubuntu, PWA apps are showing correct icons. If set icon theme to a download icon theme, these PAW apps show chrome icon only

It’s most likely a bug in KDE Plasma: 358277 – when run in XWayland, Chrome PWA apps use the icon from chrome browser in Icon-Only Task Manager, but remain correctly separate
This sounds like your behaviour:

Comment 22
Latest Kde Neon and Chrome here, X11, same problem and an interesting information:
It all works properly when I use the icon sets that came with my default system (Breeze, breeze dark, oxygen) but it doesn’t when I use other icon themes that I installed later through plasma settings. Anyway I think I had the same problem with lubuntu 20.04
Please also notice that if you manually change the icon it will work as expected, doesn’t matter the icon set
also, chrome apps manually created by work properly, doesn’t matter the icon set

Did you only test the Flatpak or also a version from the distribution package manager? As far as I can tell, the Chrome Flatpak correctly creates the PWA shortcut with the correct icons.

I only tried flatpak, flatpak now is my top priority source to install app.
Thanks for information, I think I met the same plasma bug as you mentioned. I will wait for it updates.

This bug is waiting on upstream Wayland updates, so it isn’t a Plasma bug per se – there’s currently no way to do it in Wayland. But the good news is that an extension has already been proposed and went through a surprisingly long debate about how to accomplish it. It’ll likely be a bit before it is available, but there is strong momentum.

I’m wondering how the microsoft teams PWA is showing the correct icon from being installed from edge then. I’m also running wayland.