Inhibit suspend with flatpak applications?

Dear all,
using the debian derivate Mobian on the Pinephone, I would like to be able to inhibit suspend for gnome-podcasts which is available only as a flatpak app. Because, be default, the phone goes into suspend after two minutes or so.
Wrapping it with gnome-session-inhibit does not work.
The flatpak documentation says that portals provide functions to allow apps to inhibit suspend. But I guess that’s what packagers / app developers have to implement. Or is there any way for a user to launch a flatpak app in such a way as to inhibit suspend?

I think what you want is D-Bus access for org.freedesktop.ScreenSaver

You can do that by allowing the D-Bus interface like VLC does:

Thanks! That sounds like something the packager has to do, though. Plus of course, the program itself then has to use it.
BTW, for audio podcasts, it is not about the screensaver. The screen is supposed to turn itself off, just the device should not go into suspend

It seems that the problem is with the upstream application:

So none of this will be useful.

Yes, I submitted this bug. But with native applications, which lack support for power management functions, you can work around this by launching them with gnome-session-inhibit as a wrapper. For flatpak applications, this does not work.