Input Remapper Flatpak Request

I initially posted this one on the wrong board, so I apologize for that.

Project information: Input Remapper maps mouse buttons onto keyboard keys.
Name: Input Remapper
Homepage: GitHub - sezanzeb/input-remapper: 🎮 ⌨ An easy to use tool to change the behaviour of your input devices.
License: GNU General Public License v3.0
Upstream has been contacted: yes. Looks like the devs tried some time ago to package IR as a flatpak and failed. It appears to be an issue of permissions. Any Flatpak aficionado here cares to look into this please? IR is an amazing tool! Perhaps Flatseal might help? :thinking:

Given the sandboxing of flatpaks, nothing low level could ever be flatpaked.To do something like mapping mouse to keyboard you would either be

  1. directly replacing drivers

  2. piping between drivers

  3. inserting higher level drivers on top of low level drivers

All of which are low-level things to do. It has to be done at that level so applications pick up the inputs.,