Inquiry Regarding Use of Third-Party Assets

Hello, Flathub community!

I’m a member of the community for the open source block-building game ClassiCube. ClassiCube is a reimplementation and expansion of Minecraft Classic written in C. Recently, Flatpak support has been added to the game thanks to a pull request from a contributor, but some internal discourse is currently holding up the game from being submitted to Flathub.

Since the game’s inception in 2013, when the game starts up for the first time, ClassiCube downloads a version of Minecraft from Mojang’s servers and extracts assets from it to use for the game itself. This includes textures, sound effects, and music. Do note that ClassiCube does not at any point store these assets on their servers; they are all extracted from official Mojang resources and stored on the user’s machine. The Minecraft EULA forbids the redistribution of game assets and making money off of Mojang’s intellectual property, neither of which ClassiCube is doing. Furthermore, Mojang’s Intellectual Property Enforcement team recently undertook an investigation of ClassiCube, and ultimately decided that no action would be taken against ClassiCube or its developers for the game’s use of Minecraft’s assets.

However, despite Mojang’s declaration that ClassiCube had not violated Minecraft’s EULA by using this feature, some members of the ClassiCube community are concerned that problems may arise by ClassiCube releasing the game to Flathub with this feature enabled, while other members of the community express concern that the experience would be degraded with this feature disabled.

I’m coming here to ask the Flathub community for their thoughts on whether or not this feature should be enabled for the Flathub release, so that we can hopefully resolve the discourse and get the game released to Flathub. Feedback is greatly appreciated, and questions are welcome.

We already distribute plenty of Minecraft launchers that end up downloading assets from Mojang’s infrastructure. I don’t think this is any different from these apps, so in my opinion, it’s fine.