Install an older version of an app


To test a regression I would like to install a previous version of the gnucash flatpak found on flathub. I don’t immediately see how I can do that. Can someone point me in the right direction ?


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Thanks for the link. It’s a useful command to have when different versions of the application are committed to separate branches (which we do for own nightly builds. However on flathub all releases are on the same master branch. I currently don’t see a way to tell flathub (via a flatpak command) to revert to a previous commit on that branch. Ideally each release on a branch would be tagged and one could just ask flatpak to check out a specific tag. In the absense of a tag, the most recent head of the branch would be checked out.

Note that meanwhile we have use case other than regression testing for this in gnucash:
German banks recently updated their online interface and forced us to update one of our dependencies to still be able to connect to these banks. However the updated dependency broke connection to American banks. So our American users would want to install an older version of gnucash until this issue is resolved while German users would want the most recent. There’s currently no easy way to accomodate this via flathub, short of publishing two separate instances of gnucash. I’m not too fond of that route.

$ flatpak remote-info --log org.example.App
$ flatpak update --commit=HASH org.example.App

Since v1.5.0:

$ flatpak mask

(allows pinning version and avoiding auto-downloads, no docs yet)