Install older versions

If I install an app like a browser and the latest update version does not work can I install or fall back to an older version ?

flatpak remote-info --log flathub org.gnome.gedit
sudo flatpak update --commit=961eb64d42264cbb347acb33650bfa98d8ccdf0d69a4a6f72f328e2455f335be org.gnome.gedit

What is those command suppose to do

Install older versions? This is an example. I installed version 44.1 of org.gnome.gedit. The current version is 44.2.

How do you know the older version. for example Firefox I do not see a older version.

I can see older commits of Firefox. You have to try the commits. I like the OSTree under the hood of Flatpak:

The document refers to rollback but I do not see any information on how this is accomplished.