Installing Flatpak on Windows 11 Debian

I have just installed WSL2 in Windows 11 Home. Using the instructions from the Flathub site I entered the following in my terminal:

sudo apt install flatpak  (I was not the root)

the system returned:
E: Unable to locate package flatpak

I know this is telling me that flatpak is not located in my list of repositories.  Does anyone know how I can add flatpak?


What Debian version are you running? It should be there on any modern Debian installation

Debian 11.3 according to the Microsoft Store.

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In general I don’t use Windows. If I do I install Oracle VirtualBox and run Linux in VMs.

One thing I can tell you is that even if you install a shiny new Debian based ISO five minutes after it is released, there will be at least 400MEG of updates that need to be applied.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Traditionally, when you install a Linux distro it only has a “list of repos.” You have to perform the update to pull down the lists of what is actually in each repo. Then you can install things from the repo.

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