IPv6 is not supported

The websites flathub.org and flatpak.org are not accessible over IPv6.
Linux Distros like Alpine, Arch, Debian and Gentoo already support it.
More and more ISPs are going dual stack or even IPv6 only.
Are there already plans for it’s adoption? If not, please consider adopting it.

Looks like the beta version of Flathub.org doesn’t work over ipv6 either Is your site IPv6 ready?

Quite a few security relevant elements are missing from Flathub;

  • HSTS
  • Content options and referrer-policy
  • Route authorisation

This website is based on the standards from the Dutch Ministry of Economic affairs and the Dutch Cyber Security Centre

Barth wrote about the ip v6 stuff here briefly #85 Preferred Installations · This Week in GNOME