Is it possible to use multiple Sdk?

I’ve an application that is built using the GNOME Sdk, we have a component that is linked against the Kwallet libraries, and, at the moment, is not built in the flatpak because I didn’t find an easy solution to satisfy the dependencies

Kwallet needs a couple of KDE framework components and obviously Qt5, that makes the build hard to manage and extremely long to build. Honestly I even didn’t get a succesfull build yet (locally), as I got sick in finding all the needed dependencies.

So my question is it possible to use a second Sdk just for kwallet and afterwards compile my application with that library? How?

At runtime, I guess, I don’t need kwallet as I added the socket kwallet so that it uses the one provided by the system runtime, right?

Thanks a lot in advance!

At least for when I was looking at things you can use add-extensions into your build. I don’t know how that would work with just wanting a part of the sdk for kde. But I did that with the ffmpeg-full by looking at this github issue ( I’m wondering if you could do something similar with the KDE sdk.

 "add-extensions": {
    "org.freedesktop.Platform.ffmpeg-full": {
      "directory": "lib/ffmpeg",
      "version": "20.08",
      "add-ld-path": "."

But also as you said you don’t really need it as you have the socket to kwallet which, for me at least, works without a problem.

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Yes, thanks, I’ve done the same in Remmina.

My understanding is that extensions are used at runtime and not at build time.

Can’t have both GNOME and KDE.

What do you need from the GNOME Sdk? Gtk3 is in the Freedesktop-sdk, so do a certain number of components assoicated to GNOME. So they are also in the KDE SDK, and that might be your best option to go with the the KDE sdk, possibly building the few extra component as needed.

Thanks @hub I just need the development files for kf5-kwallet

To better clarify, Remmina is a Gtk based application, there are two plugins meant to save passwords thorugh libsecrets, one uses glibsecret, from Gtk, and one uses kwallet from KDE.

At the moment in our flatpak the kwallet plugin is disabled as we miss the kwallet libraries, so, still using the Gnome platform and Sdk, is there a simple way to use the org.kde.Sdk in our flatpak?

I was investigating the add-build-extensions, but I’m not sure it does what I think.