Is the VueScan app violating flathub TOS?

Hi All:

I had downloaded com.hamrick.VueScan sometime in late 2020. Its commercial software so I paid for a license…the license terms were “Updates free for 1 year, but after license expires, no more updates but you can continue using the product without restriction…”. Ok fair enough.

Flash forward until today. I only use this software once a month or so…suddenly I realized that it was now in “Unlicensed Mode”.

Obviously you can guess what happened: flatpak automatically updated it sometime in the past month and now the version downloaded was outside what my license allows…no problem I thought, I will just do a flatpak update --commit=HASH com.hamrick.VueScan to rollback to the previous version.

Can’t do that, because every previous version just downloads the current version. In fact doing that, I get an error because flatpak recognizes that the metadata for the previous commit now doesn’t match what was actually downloaded from their site (snooping around I see its downloaded from cloudfare cdn). So its like every call to their site only downloads the latest version…hmm…

Thinking this was just an oversight, I emailed the developer / owner Ed. He pointed me to an “old downloads site” that has various versions listed…the problem is: The only versions available were the newest 2022 version and versions from 2019 and before. That is, versions within the last 2 year window are explicitly not listed on the site.

I communicated with him again and was told “you should probably keep backups, I can’t help you”

So, it appears he is intentionally doing this to force users to buying a new license.

So my question is: Is this ok by the TOS of flathub? Should flathub be listing commercial products that actively forbid users downgrading to previous commits for commercial lock-in reasons?

Seems pretty scammy to me…


So if you purchased a license prior to March 31, 2021, then you have a perpetual updates license, which means you can use all versions going forward. I do agree that it’s a little crazy to switch to only providing a year of updates, but I don’t think that providing Vuescan actually violates the TOS of flathub. As for them not providing older versions, you may be able to find some of those on other sites on the internet. I realize that can be rather sketchy, but you may have your best luck there.


source: How do I update to the latest version of VueScan? | VueScan Support