Is there a 'dark mode' for evolution?

I understand that flatties (and snappies) have a hard time following the system’s color scheme, but, is there a way to ‘enforce’ dark mode? or at least adwaita dark, in this case, for evolution.


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Evolution does follow the system color scheme on Fedora 37 / GNOME 43. It even switches the scheme on demand. So it should be possible but I can’t say what is missing in your environment.

You can force the dark theme with the GTK_THEME=Adwaita:dark environment, e.g. flatpak run --env=GTK_THEME=Adwaita:dark org.gnome.Evolution or flatpak-override to make it permanent.

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I am on Fedora Linux 37 (Thirty Seven) x86_64, Cinnamon 5.6.7.
‘switches the scheme on demand’, I do not know how to do this, I have Flatseal installed, I’m going to see if I can give it permision to use the cinnamon themes.

Thank you

Since GNOME 42 you can set the dark theme in the settings under “Appearance” (see “Dark Style Preference” in the release notes). Flatpak applications follow this setting & automatically change if it’s switched (as seen in the video).

But I can’t say if & how this works on Cinnamon.

Nah, Cinnamon themes work different, but I set the theme in Flatseal globally, now all my fatties are darkmode.

Your advice did work, thru a hoop.

The fastest and easiest option that I know of to resolve this challenge using this Flatseal

Steps to set a default theme for Flatpak applications: Navigate to All Applications horizontal tab —> Filesystem group —> Other files subgroup; Add the appropriate variable(s). Redo the same for Environment group. In the future, most future Flatpak applications you open will use the new theme.

Detailed steps, additional information, and attributions at GTK4 apps do not use adwaita dark