Is there a way to remove packages from flathub?

The kate developers don’t want kate to be distributed though flathub because they say there’s too many limitations in the current package.

Is it even possible to remove a package from flathub?

And when removed, will it uninstall from users or they’ll forever have an orphan flatpak installed?

  1. end of life
  2. then you need to ask the Flathub maintainers to archive the project.

Now the question is what’s the problem with Kate as a flatpak that the maintainers are concerned about? Not knowing basically make it impossible to know if they can be addressed.

Well it’s basically impossible to do an IDE in flatpak, i would be surprised if the flatpak maintainers didn’t know about that.

As far as I know, Visual Studio Code IDE is full-featured in flatpak.

I’m super happy if you can provide patches to make kate full-featured in flatpak :slight_smile:

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GNOME Builder is an IDE that is optimized to be run inside Flatpak.

Flatpaks better not remove from devices it was installed on without the users permission or uninstalling it. That would be a “malicious function” by Stallman’s definition.

I believe the issue has been resolved.