Is there an x-data-checker that just looks for an updated sha256?

I have a dead-simple sources section that looks like this:

            "sources": [
                    "type": "script",
                    "dest-filename": "openrsc",
                    "commands": [
                          "exec java -jar /app/share/OpenRSC.jar --dir ~/.var/app/vet.rsc.OpenRSC.Launcher/ --no-update \"$@\""
                    "type": "file",
                    "url": "",
                    "sha256": "996ca435f5aa27fb72510baef8052f0dd88b71a60f4c6ed1cef49790619127af"

Is there a simple x-data-checker I can add that just downloads from the url and checks if the sha256 changed?

I don’t think there is. As it would be very data intensive/wasteful. Doing this for one app/module is one thing. Enabling this for the whole ecosystem might be undesirable :confused:

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