Jameica with a divergent user directory

I hope, this is the wright place for my problem: I want to use Jameica with a divergent user directory. If installed as non flathub, you can use the ‘-f’-argument (like : sh /opt/jameica/jameica.sh -f /path/to/.jameica). But how to pass the ‘-f’-argument in ‘flatpak run de.willuhn.Jameica’ ?

You can pass additional arguments at the end of flatpak run command, e.g. flatpak run de.willuhn.Jameica -f <path> could work.

But it depends on the application. flatpak run executes a specific command from the Flatpak. If this is the jameica.sh (though the file could be renamed to, e.g., simply jameica) then this should work. If it’s running a different wrapper script then the argument could be missing there.

You can check which command is executed with flatpak info -m de.willuhn.Jameica (look for command=<bin>).

But keep in mind: As far as I know there is no mechanism to save the argument, it has to be added manually every time you run the application.