Jamulus (online jamming for musicians)

Project information: An, in my opinion and my other’s, an amazing program to jam in realtime with musicians over the internet. It also let you setup a server to host your own private or public jams.

Name: Jamulus
Homepage: https://github.com/corrados/jamulus
License: GPL, GNU General Public License
Upstream has been contacted:

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Jamulus can be run with command lines to enable features and also setup a server so will this be possible when/if it is a flatpak applications?

I read somewhere that applications that use JACK can be problematic making into working Flatpaks. Is this true?

We have pipewire support now, so most of the application run. Checkout SoniPi or Rosegardan which are both on Flathub and work despite requiring JACK.

As for command line, yes arguments can be passed.

It’s available already: https://flathub.org/apps/details/io.jamulus.Jamulus