KDE Apps (Call for contributors)

Project information & Name: KDE Apps
Homepage: https://kde.org/applications
License: Varied open source licenses
Upstream has been contacted: Upstream is OK with applications being on Flathub.

Let’s split the work and make all KDE Apps available on Flathub!

Most of the work is already done upstream in the Flatpak KDE Applications repo but for nightly/master versions of the KDE Apps. Adding them to FlatHub is thus just a matter of updating the manifest to build against the latest stable release and pushing it for review to Flathub. See the PR I’ve just made for Ark for an example.

To track this work, I created this spreadsheet with the status of all KDE Apps on Flathub. If you find any missing app please add them! I added a priority column but this is purely a suggestion to package applications that would make the most impact by having them on Flathub.

(If Google Sheets is an issue for anybody willing to contribute, please contact me)


If you need help finding the release sources URLs, I find it easier to look for them in the Arch Linux PKGBUILDs. For example for Okteta: https://git.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/tree/trunk/PKGBUILD?h=packages/okteta#n15


Hi. Is there a special reason to KStars doesn’t be included in the spreadsheet?
I don’t know if KStars is considered a “KDE App”.

@felipehw Yes, KStars is a KDE application.

@Siosm please include @flathub/kde team (https://github.com/orgs/flathub/teams/kde) in those reviews.

Also please note that the fact that there’s a flatpak on our upstream repo doesn’t necessarily mean the app works flawlessly from inside flatpak, it should be double checked before being included in flathub

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No specific reason! I will add it. There are a lot of KDE applications so I made an initial list but feel free to add any KDE based app to the list (it does not need to be an “official” KDE Apps).

If you are not interested in becoming a maintainer but still want to contribute a Flatpak, I can also take over the maintainance.

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Will do! I tried it in this PR but I am not sure it worked. Let me know if I should do it differently.

Indeed. I was mostly thinking about making it easier for first time contributors.

I doesn’t seem to have worked no.

Maybe https://github.blog/2017-06-28-requesting-reviews-from-repository-teams/ ?

I’m not a member of the Flathub org so I can not do that in the PR interface as far as I understand.

:confused: ok, i’ve no idea how github UI really works, maybe meanwhile just add me?

@Siosm i’ve seen you’ve started sending appstream contribution merge request to KDE repostorites in invent, cool :slight_smile:
But note that there’s also a way to make flathub not be so annoying with appstream checks using flathub.json (that should enable a flathub release without needing an upstream release) @barthalion is there a detailied list of things you can set in flathub.json somewhere?

There is a good app to tweak PDFs: arminstraub.com - krop: A tool to crop PDF files. But I don’t know if it uses KDE technology or just QT.

The developer has been contacted: Flathub support · Issue #17 · arminstraub/krop

I think you should make a separated request for this one to make sure it does not get lost. Thanks

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PR for KStars (doesn’t work under flatpak because of udev):


K3b will also not work, because AFAIK the command line tools need root permissions.

Also: kolourpaint is already on Flathub.

Missing from your list:






Thanks! I’ve updated the list.

@Siosm I try to add Lokalize https://github.com/flathub/flathub/pull/1603

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The spreadsheet seems to list KolourPaint as both done and not done (it is on Flathub, so it should only be under done).

Additionally, the kdeapps repository has konsole, but it is not on the spreadsheet (or on Flathub).

I have updated the spreadsheet. Thanks!


Hi, any hope to see ktorrent in flatPak?